Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Controlling KDE applications from the shell

I came across this the other day on accident:

kfmclient --commands

You can do a rather fascinating number of things to KDE in the shell through kfmclient, including opening a new Konqueror window, opening a new tab in an existing Konqueror window, starting an application from its ".desktop" file, rearrange/refresh your desktop, copy and move files (I presume this would include copying to/from the various IOSlave protocols like fish://).

Try these, for example:

kfmclient newTab 'url'
kfmclient exec .

Since quotes work as well as ticks ( ' ), you could wrap this into a shell script like this:

kfmclient newTab "$somedest"

I haven't come up with any terrific uses for this yet, but it's promising.

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