Tuesday, March 6, 2007

An Easy Linux-VServer Tutorial

At work we are always needing "one more computer . . ." for endless tasks, tests, development environments, secure areas, workspace for "untrusted" personnel that does not give them access to the rest of our project areas - the list is endless.

We've tried quite a lot of things over the years, including attempting to roll my own secure "jailed" system using SELinux on SuSE combined mini Debian install in a chrootjail (it didn't work :-) ).

Other projects that deserve honorable mention include bochs, xen, various jails and restricted shell, VMWare, VirtualBox.

Recently I've come across "Linux-VServer", which gave me a refreshing surprise: it is easy to install and use, resonably secure, and certainly self-contained.

I found a pretty good, brief article describing how to setup Linux_VServer under Debian Etch, but it left out a few important details (like how to get ssh access to your new install!), so I wrote a "helper" article describing in more detail the steps for a quick, easy install.

If you are interested you can read my article here:


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